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I suppose I never did this properly, but welcome to the monster_barker community! This is an unofficial Japanese to English translation community for the lynch. blogs (as defined in the userinfo).

All entries heretofore are members only, so please join the community in order to read them.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the service provided. I do my best to ensure the quality of the translations and to maintain a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the community, but if you have any questions, concerns, advice, or miscellaneous comments, feel free to message me privately.

And don't hesitate to comment on the entries! I like to have my ego stroked as much as the next guy, and it's a nice reminder that I'm not doing it solely for myself. :3

For those who came here looking for something slightly different... Here are some useful lynch. and general visual music related links:


lynch. OHP

lynch. official group blog (~2009.09.02)
葉月 official weblog 『NO MUZIC.』
玲央 official weblog 『Irregular update』
悠介 official weblog 『All is vanity』
晁直 official weblog 『DI MOLT HANAKO』

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zoisite (UNDERNEATH FILES only)

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I don't comment often on your entries but I am very thankful for all your translations!
Keep the good work. :)

the same here... I nearly love you! XD

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