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monster_barker's Journal

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This is an unofficial translation community

[和 > 英]

for the official lynch. blogs.
Only one, really: under no circumstance should entries designated as アメ限 (check the tags) be posted anywhere outside of this community. Ever. If I find these translations elsewhere, this community will be shut down. No arguments.

Be good to each other. There is a zero tolerance policy on abuse and harassment. This has not been a problem so far, and I don't anticipate it will become one. Still, consider this a warning.

But don't be shy! All comments, especially translation help, are appreciated and encouraged, regardless of how confident (or doubtful) you are in your abilities. I'm learning just the same as anybody else, so all advice is welcome. Speak up!

REQUESTS GO HERE after you check HERE.
Why the stupid name?
The good ones were taken. It's (according to the lyrics booklet) part of the chorus for "the universe."

Are you Japanese?

Are you fluent in Japanese?
Not yet.

Then why are you translating if you can't do a perfect job about it?
I like to read the blogs, and if I'm going to read them anyway, I might as well be productive about it. I've been formally studying Japanese for several years now and, though I'm far from perfect, I am learning every day, and taking on an endeavor like this helps keep my motivation up. I work diligently to make sure the level of both clarity and accuracy are high, but I do mess up on occasion. That said, I do my best to correct my mistakes and remain open to criticism and advice. So if you catch an error, don't be afraid to point it out!
Is this an official translation community?
Certainly not. Again, this translation is really a project for me to test my skills while simultaneously giving other fans an opportunity to enjoy the blog. Under no pretense do I make claims to know the band, or even that these translations are absolutely accurate, let alone authorized. Take this for what it's worth.

Can I use your translations for x, y, or z?
To be honest, I'd prefer if you didn't. It's not to be arrogant or possessive, but rather, (and to reiterate), these translations may not be accurate. The last thing I want is for something I've made a mistake on to be taken verbatim and end up circling the fanbase as fact. It could cause serious problems for me, this community, and, most importantly, the band themselves.

To reiterate, アメ限 can not be used under any circumstance.

Feel free to PM the mods with any further questions, including inquiries on becoming an affiliate.

Disclaimer: Please note that this community is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by lynch. or their management. These translations are unofficial and serve merely to
provide the fans with an idea of what the members are saying, and as such, the contents of this community should be interpreted within - and only within - the context of